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Four pictures of collection objects: painting of a man, sculpture of an angel, painting of a woman, sculputre of a head
Four pictures of collection objects: painting of a man, painting of a woman, painting of a landscape

About the Covered Objects Database

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The current results of our research are presented on the Covered Objects Database, which lists Smithsonian collection items that meet the criteria of the AAMD and AAM guidelines. Due to the diverse nature of Smithsonian collections, only a small percentage of our collections fall under the parameters of the guidelines. Inclusion in this database in no way signifies that an object has an uncertain provenance or was unlawfully appropriated during Nazi Era. Indeed, many of the objects are well documented, with no gaps in ownership or questionable transfers during the time period in question.

Even where there are gaps, this is not in itself a cause of concern, incomplete provenances for any type of object of any period or origin are more often the rule rather than the exception. At this time, the Smithsonian has no reason to believe that any of the collection items included on this list were unlawfully confiscated.

This database represents a work in progress. Its goal is to make information about collection items available to the public and to acquire further information where possible. The database presents currently available information about collection items.  Updated information will be posted as it is discovered following further research, and objects will be added or removed from the database as appropriate.

Anyone with questions or information about a collection item included in the database should contact the unit staff representative listed in the object record.

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